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Funny how things happen.

When I finished writing Robert’s memoir, the creators of the Visa Card asked me if I might help them tell the story of their ingenious little strip of plastic and how it has changed the world. 

Yes, I said, but with one condition: that I could manage the design, photography and printing as well. You see, I was disappointed in the way the Mondavi book actually looked and felt, and I was convinced that I could put together a team that could do far better with the design and printing. And thus was born Val de Grace Books, a small publishing house that does big, beautiful, award-winning books on American wine, business and culture. Check out our website, below...

And talk about a harvest of joy: With Val de Grace, I have had the soaring pleasure of working with a fabulous group of creators: Milton Glaser, the legendary designer; Matthew Klein, as gifted a photographer as you can find; the devoted craftsmen at Toppan Printing of Japan, one of the finest printers in the world, and an array of wonderful writers too. We all have different gifts and realms of expertise, but we share a common belief that beautiful books remain essential repositories of our culture and heritage. Check out our work at:     

From “Journey Through Literary America,”
by Thomas Hummel and Tamra Dempsey 
Hemingway meets Tolstoy -- and Zelda

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