Paul Chutkow

The Writing Life

I wrote my first book when I was 7. 

It was summer time, and I can still remember sitting out in our backyard, our dog at my feet, and I wrote and wrote and wrote. I was doing my own personal biography of Babe Ruth, and I must have filled a dozen of those flimsy blue notebooks, the kind we used in school to take tests or practice our handwriting. To my young eyes, Babe Ruth was a giant, a man who had the skills, the passion, the determination, and the spirit to break free, to transcend all the usual standards of excellence and to place himself, forever more, among “The Best of The Best.”

Yes, even then I loved writing about unique, inspiring figures like The Babe, and in one form or another, in Paris, India, America and beyond, I’ve been at it ever since. I’ve written for major publications and publishing houses, and I have been able to touch readers in many different parts of the world. To that same end, in 2005 I created my own publishing company, Val de Grace Books, and with that I have had the great satisfaction of helping other writers find their voice and bring forth their finest work. 

At Val de Grace, we have a fabulous team of writers, photographers, and designers -- all devoted to creating award-winning books of unique quality and significance. These include a photo expose on women in danger in many countries around the world. A book on epilepsy and how it deforms lives -- and also brings out the best that many people have inside. And a whole series of books on leading artists, creators, and business pioneers. The Writing Life is never easy, but as you will see in the coming pages, mine has been a fabulous adventure, filled with encounters with fascinating, dedicated men and women, and the deepest sorts of satisfaction. 

Through this site, I want to share the joy I feel and encourage other writers to look deep inside and find their own wellsprings of inspiration. Enjoy! 

“Zelda, The Queen of Paris,”
 my personal memoir and dog story, with drawings
   from the inimitable pen of Jean-Claude Suares.

Paul with Charlie, his beloved Springer Spaniel. Photo by Christophe Genty
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