Paul Chutkow

The Writing Life

How lucky I’ve been.

As an author, journalist and foreign correspondent, I have had the freedom to roam the world, witness history in the making, and meet and profile some of the leading artists, creators and entrepreneurs of our time. These include George Lucas, Louis Malle, Oliver Stone, Gerard Depardieu, Catherine Deneuve, the creators of the Visa card, and so many more.  

Looking back, two people stand out above all the rest: Mother Teresa and Robert Mondavi. (And I’ll bet my pal Robert never dreamed that one day his name would be used in the same sentence as Mother Teresa, the saint of The Poorest of the Poor!)

I ghost-wrote Robert's memoir, “Harvests of Joy,” and I had the privilege of being a friend of his throughout the final 12 years of his life. He was a born leader, a gifted creator, and a magnificent man. I miss him every single day.

​As for Mother Teresa, well, the woman changed my life. I tell that story in  “Zelda, The Queen of Paris,” a fun little memoir disguised as a dog book. The second edition, with J.C.'s drawings in charming color, is coming out soon!

Mother Teresa and Me.
 Courtesy of Jean-Claude Suares

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Zelda in Paris,
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