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Would Hemingway tweet?
Would Shakespeare blog?
Would Simone de Beauvoir 
be caught dead on Facebook?

I am not a huge fan of social networking, but Facebook did bring me a delicious, unexpected treat: I was able to locate and re-connect with my old pal, Jean-Claude Suares. J.C. was a marvelous character and a mountain of talent: He was a gifted artist, illustrator, book and magazine designer, and that’s just the half of it. I reconnected with J.C. right when I was wrapping up the Zelda book, and he jumped in and volunteered to do the illustrations. His drawings captured Zelda in all her zany charm and glory, and they pay proper homage to Zelda and make my little memoir the very best it can be. 

J.C. and I also shared a common commitment: To teaching and mentoring. In my case, I have been teaching writing and journalism off and on for 30 years, first in Paris and most recently here in the Napa Valley. In recent years, my greatest joy has come from mentoring emerging writers. To help them find their voice and master the fundamentals and finer points of writing narrative, well, who could ask for more? You will find many of the books they produced at the Val de Grace website.

Readers, thank you so much for spending a little time with me on this website. If you want to leave a comment or contact me, please email me at:

"A Matisse, With Gecko." 
From the pen of Jean-Claude Suares
How Zelda loved Marie-Christine’s borscht!
And how I love J.C’.s drawings!

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